SWREC Field day 2013

SW Research-Extension Center
Thursday, August 29, 2013
4500 E. Mary St. • Garden City, KS
Registration 8:00 a.m., Program 9:15 a.m.
 Lunch Provided
Comparisons of Weed Control Options in Teff, Forage Sorghum,
and Sorghum-Sudangrass for Catch Crop Forage
Doo-Hong Min
Comparisons of Herbicide Carry over and Weed Control Options in Teff,
 Forage Sorghum, and Sorghum-Sundangrass
Doo-Hong Min
Comparisons of Weed Control in Irrigated Corn with 48 Herbicide Tank Mixes
Randall Currie
Herbicide-Resistant Inzen Sorghum for Postemergence Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control
Randall Currie
Weed Control with 32 Herbicide Tank Mixes for Irrigated Sorghum
Randall Currie
Effects of AQUAmax Hybrid Corn on Spider Mite Populations
Sarah Zukoff
Enhancing Sorghum Nitrogen Use Efficiency through Fertilizer Management
John Holman
Effects of Different Irrigation Levels on Western Corn Rootworm Root Injury to Bt and Isoline Plants
Sarah Zukoff
Cover Crops in Western Kansas
John Holman
Water Issues in Western Kansas: It’s Not Just the Water Level
Jonathan Aguilar
Local Seed, Implement, and Farm Supply Representatives
For More Information
Download the flyer Field Day 2013;
Contact Your County Extension Office

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