Lots of False chinch bugs


False chinch bugs on canola. Photo by P. Sloderbeck

False chinch bugs have been observed on canola across the SW area recently. These insects have piercing sucking mouth parts, and can cause damage during bloom and early pod fill. They can be difficult to scout because many will fly away as the scouter is trying to count them. They will usually have a clumped distribution in the fields creating “hot spots” of high numbers. Scouting the field thoroughly will give a more accurate picture of the population density to determine if action is necessary.  High numbers will often occur just along the edges of a field as the bugs migrate in from nearby weedy areas after herbicide has been sprayed or when the weeds mature.  Some producers decide to spot treat when  false chinch bug  “clouds” are observed in the fields as counting numbers of the insects would be rather tedious, however treatment may only be necessary during pod fill. Treatment is not recommended after the seed has fully formed. If necessary, fields should be treated with a registered insecticide if 5 to 10 false chinch bugs occur on flowering racemes, and if 10 to 20 false chinch bugs occur on racemes during early pod set.

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